Military & Commercial

VEI and OceanView Technologies are each proud to be a supplier to the US Military as well as Commercial and Work-Boats worldwide. Our 21 years as a manufacturer of state of the art marine electronics affords us the depth and knowledge to build equipment that will survive the abuse of the most difficult environments.

Our team of highly specialized engineers has designed the finest line of displays, computers, switching systems and thermal cameras available. We are proud to feature the fastest drawing board to finished product time in the industry. This philosophy keeps our products at the cutting edge – we are constantly making adjustments as newer technology becomes available.

Whether it be IMO displays for cruise ships that travel the world or bulletproof, waterproof computers for Navy RIB’s, VEI is on-board! Whether it is a ferry ECS or a Navy Seal helm, VEI is on-board. Police and Fire boats, VEI is on-board. In addition we are proud to have a team of service personnel that will travel to customers vessels worldwide for on location service.

If it is custom work that that you require then that is VEI’s specialty. Our staff of engineers are always available to service you with very short turn around times. We can accomplish this because our engineering department and manufacturing facility are located together in Ft Lauderdale Florida, USA. Most of our competitors manufacture on an assembly line in Asia – not VEI. Each VEI product is hand assembled by one technician – a rarity in todays world. OceanView Technolgies is based in Boca Raton FL USA.